Another source for Invitrogen YO-PRO-1

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Fri May 8 14:47:19 EST 2009

Am 08.05.2009, 10:22 Uhr, schrieb Sharon Waldrop  
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> Hope you can help. Invitrogen has a product they call YO-PRO-1  
> (monomeric cyanine nucleic acid stain / carbocyanine nucleic acid stain  
> - green fluorescent (491/509)). Is there another source for this dye? I  
> have tried Googling and talking to other companies, no luck. I am going  
> nuts having to deal with Invitrogen.

That bad, eh? Yo-Pro-1 is a trade name, first you have to find out exactly  
what compound it is (catalogue, patent applications, literature databases  
etc). Helpful is the CAS (Chemical Abstracts) number, if you can locate  
that. Then you can look which other manufacturer sells the same stuff,  
under a different trade name of course. Often it helps to simply Google  
for the CAS-number.

Or you simply say "What the heck" and use a different stain. There are  
plenty of those out there, and for some the composition is a matter of  
public record. That is my preferred solution, as non-disclosed components  
IMHO violate the requirement that science should be reproducible.  
Therefore I never use them, on principle.

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