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Mon May 11 17:44:35 EST 2009

DK wrote:
> In article <mailman.148.1242063947.21502.methods from>, Marc-Aurel Fuchs <m.fuchs from> wrote:
>> Can you replace the SMART oligo that comes with the Clontech RACE kit with a
>> normal DNA primer of the same sequence?
> No reason why you can't. Just to be on a safer side, may consider 
> using gel/HPLC purified oligo. 

I haven't tried it personally, but my understanding is that this is 

The SMART template-switching primer is a hybrid oligo - the majority is 
DNA, but the last three bases are RNA.  So far as I know, the 
template-switching only works with a hybrid oligo, not with a pure RNA 
or a pure DNA oligo.


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