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Tue May 12 04:32:14 EST 2009

Dear all!
My colleague has the following query. If anybody knows about it, please reply.

I am sequencing a protein of mass 6771Da by N-terminal sequencing using pulse liquid method. I dissolved my freeze dried protein in 25% acetonitrile and spotted on to the glass fibre filter that was previously spotted with polybrene.I then dried the catridge under the flow of argon. Surprisingly i could see the development of red spots on the glass fibre filter. Can any one give me a probable explanation for this observation and tell me whether this will affect my sequencing? An important thing to note is that this red color development was observed for this protein only among the others that i have sequenced previously.


Shifali Chatrath
Graduate Student
Protein science Lab
Dept. of Biological sciences
National University of Singapore

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