no antibiotics when transfecting/infecting. Why?

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>>> Details? What antybiotics - the usual anti-bacterial ones or the  
>>> selective drug? No experience with lentivirus but can tell about 
>>> transfections: if the former, then the claims are simply not true -
>>> transfections work fine with the pen/strep or gentamicin; if the 
>>> latter, then the reason for not working should be obvious. 
>>> DK
>> It was the usual pen/strep.  Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll have
>> to needle my colleagues.  They stated that it was well-known it
>> didn't work, but couldn't explain why.
> Agree 100% with Dima.  We do lentiviral/retroviral infections all the
> time, in media containing antibiotics. Now anti-fungals are another
> matter. Many of them impact the infectivity of enveloped viruses that
> contain cholesterol rich lipid membranes - like retroviruses and
> lentiviruses. 
> AC
Thanks, Aawara.  I can easily see antifungals interfering with membrane 

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