Re: Mold problem in 4°C room

Naveen V via (by naveenis4u from
Fri Nov 6 06:01:07 EST 2009

Dear Thomas,

The best, ideal and perfect way to abolish this problem is to fumigate your
4 degree/cold room. There are different ways to fumigate the best way is
KMnO4 (Potassium permanganate) + Formaldehyde (the amount of addition will
depend on size of your room) just i am illustrating the protocol

1. Vacate your room completely (the penetration and disinfection power is s=
high it can kill even rigid spores)

2. for room of 10X10 feet you can use minimum of 500g of KMnO4 + 500ml of
Formaldehyde (when both are away they wont react, as soon as you mix it
fumes as volcano you should no be in the room and the surroundings, you
should run away from the room)

3. Seal the room to avoid the fumes to come out of the room

4. Wait for min 12 hours to act completely and efficiently

5. Wet the cloth with ammonia of 500ml and spread in the room for minimum o=
6-7 hours to neutralize the fumes

6. Wipe the things with some disinfectant to clean and you can start your
work, I promise you won=92t see any single mold for at least next 6 months =
year if you keep clean.

The only disadvantage is when fumigation is going on you can=92t sit or wor=
for one day, maybe you can do this on Saturday night, So that it will be
ready for Monday. This is the usual method we do in CLASS-1 rooms and
CLASS-II, don=92t look at the fumes or inhale and don=92t near or it will h=
you lot take guidance from your professor and seniors while doing this. Any
thing else please feel free to contact.

Yours Sincerely,
*Naveen Vankadari*
Lab No: N209
Graduate Student,
Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology,
128 Academia Road,section-2,
Nankang, Taipei-115

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