Maximun size of DNA obtained thru miniprep matrix

Itisam Sarangi via (by itisam.sarangi from
Mon Oct 12 07:48:21 EST 2009

 Hi all,
Thanks DK for the response. this matrix we use to do mini preps in our lab.
basically it is a DNA binding matrix originally present in guanidine
thiocyante soln. it
is this thing, sry cud not get much info abt it online though

Just curious to know what is the maximum size of DNA that can be purified
thru these matrixes? any inforrmation will be helpful.



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> >Hi,
> >I am facing a small problem in purifying a plasmid DNA form bactreia of
> 26kb
> >in size using miniprep express matrix of Mp biomedicals.
> >I think this size of DNA can not be purified by using matrix.
> >Does any one has any ideas waht is the maximum size of plasmid that can be
> >purified thruough matrix.
> I have no idea what "miniprep express matrix of Mp biomedicals" is.
> Do you?
> That said, I've purified ~165 kbp plasmids and genomic DNA > 50 kbp
> on Qiagen miniprep columns, eluting with hot TE. No problem. The
> recovery is maybe only around 50% but that's plenty enough for
> just about anything. Neither is what Qiagen itself says the columns
> can handle, by the way.
> DK
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