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Cathal Garvey via methods%40net.bio.net (by cathalgarvey from gmail.com)
Wed Oct 14 03:59:54 EST 2009

Indeed, so they say in our lab too! I don't worry too much about that though
unless there's a spillage, or until I start handling the gel itself. I just
don't see there being *enough* Bromide on any dry, normal surfaces to
meaningfully impact glove safety.

For Gel Work, I do use the Nitrile gloves though.

Interestingly, I just read through the Sybr-Safe manual; they had an
independent lab compare the two for safety, and had a fold-difference chart
for mutagenicity. In most cases, EtBr didn't do much. For certain strains
tested though (not sure what the "Strains" were, but they were mammalian I
believe) the fold difference was over 40 for EtBr. So it can be a
significant mutagen in some circumstances all right.

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