Custom ISH probe synthesis

Arne Christensen via (by arnec from
Tue Oct 27 12:09:23 EST 2009

Dear Listeners,

I am in a lab that does a great deal of protein work, but we have 
limited experience conducting molecular methods such as subcloning and 
ISH.  We would like to run some ISH, and we are prepared to purchase the 
reagents to do so, however we are not in a position to set ourselves up 
for the molecular work underlying the generation of a plasmid for making 
RNA probes.  So, we would like to purchase four RNA in situ probes.  Two 
target probes with their respective sense negative controls.  The 
sequences are very short, a 174-mer and a 71-mer.   Can anybody 
recommend a commercial source for such RNA probe synthesis?

Thank you in advance,

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