protease cleavage site program

Cristina Echevarría Ruiz de Vargas via (by echeva from
Tue Apr 6 08:44:52 EST 2010

Dear colegue,
I has sow your e-mail direction associated with a program to evaluated possibles cleavege sites in a protein. I have try to use this information but it was not possible probably because  I dont know. So I will send you a peptide ERHHSIDAQLRALAPGKVSEE  and I would ask you the possibility to look a possible cleavege site in this peptides. Sorry for my Inglish. A would  apreciated very much if you can loock for this as I am working with a protease that seem to attack this peptide.

Tahnk you very much in advance

Cristina Echevarría

Cristina Echevarría
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Dpto. Biología Vegetla y Ecología 
Facultad de Biología 
Universidad de Sevilla

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