NUpage gel problem

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Have you removed the white seal at the bottom of the gel?

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On Apr 20, 4:58 am, Chris McDermott-Roe
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> Hi all,
> I'm having a rather basic and embarassing problems with an Invitrogen NuPAGE
> gel.  I'm attempting to run a regular bis-tris 4-12 % bis-tris pre-cast at
> 100 V using the supplied 20x MOPS SDS buffer but literally a second or two
> after commencing, all stops and an E1 message appears on my power supply.
> The only way I can actually get my proteins to go anywhere is by replacing
> the dummy gel which I've put in the tank with a second real gel.  I'm v
> puzzled and any help is gratefully received.

Is the buffer leaking out when a dummy gel is attached? Perhaps the
"real gels" form a better seal on the tank than the dummy.


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