NUpage gel problem

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I would check the level of your buffer before you run.  Make sure it is right up to the rim and then watch to make sure the level doesn't drop, it is probably leaking.  Fill your inner chamber first and watch it before filling the outer chamber. 

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Have you removed the white seal at the bottom of the gel?

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On Apr 20, 4:58 am, Chris McDermott-Roe
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> Hi all,
> I'm having a rather basic and embarassing problems with an Invitrogen NuPAGE
> gel.  I'm attempting to run a regular bis-tris 4-12 % bis-tris pre-cast at
> 100 V using the supplied 20x MOPS SDS buffer but literally a second or two
> after commencing, all stops and an E1 message appears on my power supply.
> The only way I can actually get my proteins to go anywhere is by replacing
> the dummy gel which I've put in the tank with a second real gel.  I'm v
> puzzled and any help is gratefully received.

Is the buffer leaking out when a dummy gel is attached? Perhaps the
"real gels" form a better seal on the tank than the dummy.


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