Plasmid selection/maintainance sans-Antibiotic

Cathal Garvey via (by cathalgarvey from
Thu Aug 19 10:53:03 EST 2010

Hello all,
I am considering the development of a plasmid-based bacterial
transformation/expression vector that would sidestep the use of antibiotic
selection in a range of cell types. I was hoping someone on this list could
offer some insight into current methods that avoid the use of antibiotics?

I know some methods call for the use of strains lacking the ability to grow
on media without X amino acid, and complement this deficiency with a
plasmid-encoded X-synthase. While this is very clever, it does restrict work
to appropriate strains only, which is too inflexible for me.

What else is out there, besides simply diluting and streaking cells hoping
for a positive single colony?
Cathal Garvey


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