Sealing Tape for Petri Dishes?

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Fri Aug 27 14:21:00 EST 2010

Dear colleagues,

many thanks for your quick and numerous replies! I am familiar with
parafilm for storing bacterial plates, but for a product that is to be
commercialized, it does not look "noble" enough and, more important,
it requires a lot of effort to prepare all the strips for large
numbers of dishes and to wrap them firmly around them. I used to pack
agar plates back into the plastic bags where they were shipped in for
storage in the cold room; that's quite fine, too, as long as you don't
try to ship the plates in them around the world. For these reasons we
have chosen the sealing tape. But as we don't like to pass the costs
for overpriced raw materials to our customers, I am looking for a
cheaper tape solution. Electrical tape is probably the best option, as
the seal needs to be of a distinct color.



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