Sealing Tape for Petri Dishes?

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> Dear colleagues,
> many thanks for your quick and numerous replies! I am familiar with
> parafilm for storing bacterial plates, but for a product that is to be
> commercialized, it does not look "noble" enough and, more important,
> it requires a lot of effort to prepare all the strips for large
> numbers of dishes and to wrap them firmly around them. I used to pack
> agar plates back into the plastic bags where they were shipped in for
> storage in the cold room; that's quite fine, too, as long as you don't
> try to ship the plates in them around the world. For these reasons we
> have chosen the sealing tape. But as we don't like to pass the costs
> for overpriced raw materials to our customers, I am looking for a
> cheaper tape solution. Electrical tape is probably the best option, as
> the seal needs to be of a distinct color.
ah, I see why you need it now.... for example I found this site; but then cannot figure out
if they would have the correct width for the petri dishes .... will see if I
can find any other, that may have a cheaper product on this side of the
pond, even after import duty stuff....

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