Alternative for PD-10 columns?

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>> Dear Experts,
>> is there any commercial (and preferably cheaper) alternative to PD-10
>> desalting columns?
>> (They are filled with Sephadex G-25, sample volume is up to 2.5ml,
>> elution volume is 3.5ml).
> Buy the empty disposable columns and fill them yourself.
> Alternatively, if you can work with low (100 ul) volumes, you can pour
> them in 1cc syringes and do spin-column desalting.

One doesn't even need to limit oneself to a small volume. I've run  
spin columns with 3 and 5 mL syringe barrels. I've found I can easily  
apply up to 1/3 of matrix volume, get good recovery and good  
desalting. Details of my column procedure can be found in Crop  
Science 46:662-670 (2006).


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