Alternative for PD-10 columns?

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Depending on your application, you may consider filter concentrators or 

If you're using the columns to desalt or buffer exchange your sample, 
you could use a centrifugation concentrator with a molecular weight 
cutoff just below your protein (or whatever) of interest.  Concentrate, 
then dilute your sample with your new buffer... concentrate, then dilute 
your sample with your new buffer.

Corning Spin-X Ultra Filtration Concentrators

Alternatively, you could use dialysis membrane, and dialyze your sample 
several times against your new buffer.  Much cheaper.

Nick Theodorakis wrote:
> On Feb 2, 5:26 am, WS <novalidaddr... from> wrote:
>> Dear Experts,
>> is there any commercial (and preferably cheaper) alternative to PD-10
>> desalting columns?
>> (They are filled with Sephadex G-25, sample volume is up to 2.5ml,
>> elution volume is 3.5ml).
> Buy the empty disposable columns and fill them yourself.
> Alternatively, if you can work with low (100 ul) volumes, you can pour
> them in 1cc syringes and do spin-column desalting.
> Nick
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