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> And even that danger is overrated. Leukemia patients used to get 10 mCi  
> 32P i.v., that is enough to run a major lab for a year or so.

It depends on what you're doing. I used to be able to blow through one
or two mCi doing a nuclear run-off experiment, but if all you're doing
is blots and RPAs then that's true.

> And nobody  
> worried about their wastes, while in the lab we carefully collect  
> everything!

I once had a thallium perfusion scan heart test in which I was
injected with 5 mCi of radioactive thallium, and they just sent me
home to pee it away in the regular waste. Imagine the trouble you'd
have to take of you put that in a lab animal!

> It does make sense to replace 32P by 33P though, not only is the radiation  
> softer, but you get a longer half life too.

There's often a cost issue which may not be so insignificant. If
you're using enough 32P that you're not wasting much by decay, then
you might find the cost saving to be worth it.


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