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Thu Jan 21 14:40:56 EST 2010

e've set up an initial schedule for public offering of two of our
- Introduction to Lab Automation (management version)
- Lab Automation for IT Professionals

The details can be found on the web site beginning at:


Wednesday Course: Introduction to Laboratory Automation -Management
Version, $625

Thursday Course: Lab Automation for IT Professionals - Full Day
Version $825

The proposed schedule below is subject to change, details (final
location, times, registration information) will be added as
arrangements firm up.

Herndon, VA: April 21st (W) and 22nd (Th), 2010
Waltham, MA: May 19th (W) and 20th (Th), 2010
Princeton, NJ: June 23rd (W) and 24th (Th), 2010
Providence, RI: July 14th (W) and 15th (Th), 2010
Portsmouth, NH: September 15th (W) and 16th (Th), 2010

If you have any questions, or want to reserve space at one of the
sessions, please contact me.

Joe Liscouski, Executive Director
Institute for Laboratory Automation
j.liscouski from
The Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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