the pEamTA plasmid

Dr. James J. Campanella via (by james.campanella from
Fri Jan 22 11:40:05 EST 2010

Dear All,

I am interested in obtaining a copy of the pEamTA expression plasmid 
which was described in a  2007 volume of Applied Microbiology and 
Biotechnology.  I have been unable to get in touch with any of the 
authors of that paper and the contact email for the lead author, Dr. 
Christoph Reisinger, bounces. I would be grateful to anyone who could 
either a) put me in touch with Dr. Reisinger,  b) get me a copy of 
the plasmid itself, or c) put me on the trail of someone who has the 
plasmid, which would be very helpful in my laboratory's work.

Thanks for the help,

Jim Campanella

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