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lautys via (by lautys from
Tue Jan 26 02:54:17 EST 2010

> Contact your local BioRad representative. If they are unhelpful, let us
> know so that we can avoid buying instruments from them.
Unfortunately most of the companies are like that, you lost your CD, you got
to get a new one, no free reinstallment. Our lab faced the similar situation
before, inherited old instruments but software are either corrupted or
workstation formatted by IT department and CDs were lost.

Solution? Companies quote us quotations with each CDs cost > Malaysian
dollar 10k (1USD = 3.39MYR). Otherwise, no test can be proceed. One of the
companies was GE. After calculate possible costs e.g. service charge, change
of parts and etc, we end up with new instrument. :)

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