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Am 26.01.2010, 03:54 Uhr, schrieb lautys <lautys from>:

>> Contact your local BioRad representative. If they are unhelpful, let us
>> know so that we can avoid buying instruments from them.
> Unfortunately most of the companies are like that, you lost your CD, you  
> got
> to get a new one, no free reinstallment. Our lab faced the similar  
> situation
> before, inherited old instruments but software are either corrupted or
> workstation formatted by IT department and CDs were lost.
> Solution? Companies quote us quotations with each CDs cost > Malaysian
> dollar 10k (1USD = 3.39MYR). Otherwise, no test can be proceed. One of  
> the
> companies was GE. After calculate possible costs e.g. service charge,  
> change
> of parts and etc, we end up with new instrument. :)

Exactly that is one of the things that usenet is good for. If word about  
good or bad customer care spreads, we get choices. I can understand a  
reasonable handling fee in such cases, and may be there also was a major  
software upgrade. But when the service becomes more expensive than the  
original product, than "service" becomes a bad joke. And I rather know  
that before I buy expensive equipment.

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