Saponin replacement?

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Zap them in the microwave :-)

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Dear Joshua,

If you just need to kill your cells, why not simply use ethanol (preferably a decent single malt, these cells are of HUMAN origin)...
Heat, pH, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde or other evil stuff that you might have at your hands, might work, too.
If you should want a more sophisticated assault, eg Streptolysin O (makes pores, too, but usually not on stock in your fridge) or antibiotics like G418 might be helpful. If you should want to be even more mean, simply deprive them of food, i.e. glucose: keep them in PBS or water To be sure, combine any three of the above.

/ Wo

On Jul 27, 5:27 pm, Joshua Silverstein <silverstein.jos... from>
> Hi Methodologists -
> I want to do a Live/Dead Assay on some HUVECs and the protocol calls 
> for using saponin to kill control cells.  I noticed it is a 
> surfactant, can I use something like Tween-20 or Triton-X 100 instead 
> that I have around the lab?  Also what concentration would you use (I 
> usually do 1% Triton to permeate the cells)?
> Thanks all,
> Josh

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