Blood is settling

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> Hi again -
> I'm running blood over some surfaces under flow with a syringe pump. 
> The problem is that the blood seems to settle extremely quickly when
> it is on it's side in the pump.  A colleague suggested putting a stir
> bar inside the syringe but I am worried about activating the platelets
> and since the primary objective of this experiment is to assess
> platelet adhesion, I don't know if that's a good idea.  Any other
> suggestions or at least a maximum speed so that I do not skew the
> results? 
> Thanks
> Josh Silverstein

It was my understanding that this is often done via suction, rather than 
pressure.  Almost every person doing this type of experiment is now in 
Waterville Valley, NH, at the Gordon Hemostasis conference.  Write someone 
like Zaverio Ruggeri for help.

Best regards
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