real-time PCR

umwong25 from via (by umwong25 from
Tue Jun 22 15:23:32 EST 2010

   Hi everyone,

   I realized that after making the cDNA I forgot to include a -RT  
control. I used all of my RNA for the cDNA synthesis. I want to know  
if there is a simple way to test if there is gDNA contamination in my  
sample. I was thinking of designing primers that span an intron and  
using my cDNA as template in a PCR. If there is a band on the gel,  
then there is gDNA. Is this a valid way of ensuring that there is no  
gDNA in my sample? And if it is, can anyone suggest a primer set I can  
use for rats. (The cDNA sample is from rat brain).

   -Graduate student

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