anti-phospho S, T & Y antibodies

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Wed Mar 3 09:10:09 EST 2010

Hi Priscila,

Phosphotyrosine may be quite easily detected; for a start, the PY20
antibody is a good choice.
pS and pT are very tricky when you do not know the context (motif) or
the identity of the modified protein, as pS and pT are not well
recognized by antibodies against the phosphorylated amino acid, the
signal depends a lot of the AA context. If you suspect some kinase
(family) behind the effect, probing for the phosphorylation motif
might be the best start. Beware that adjacent phosphorylable residues
may mask each other in western blotting, dependent on their
phosphorylation pattern.
Cell Signaling has a good selection of anti-phospho-antibodies.

Good luck!


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