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..aren't ladders supposed to have multiple bands?

When it comes to slanting, though I haven't used acrylamide before or a
precast gel, agarose gels are more likely to distort at high voltages as
they heat up and start to melt. The problem is worst when using TAE, least
when using sodium or lithium Borate.

But, with precast gels your choice of buffer may be limited: try a lower
voltage and use a little less loading dye, see if that helps.

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Hi everyone,

I recently ran a 2-8% gradient polyacrylamide gel. The 1kb Plus DNA ladder
had multiple bands. Does anyone know what might have caused this and how to
prevent it? I suspect that I might be caused by the freeze thaw cycle. Also,
some of my bands of my PCR samples were slanted using a pre-cast gel. How do
you prevent that? (I washed out the wells thoroughly before use) Thanks.

-Graduate student

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