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Am 03.03.2010, 16:24 Uhr, schrieb Pow Joshi <pow.joshi from gmail.com>:

> Hi Everyone,
> I was just wondering if anyone would have some "Insider's" knowledge  
> about
> the fixative "Histochoice". It is supposed to be a swanky non-formalin  
> based
> fixative for all and sundry, and the ingredients are supposed to be
> "undisclosed" :). I am guessing it is some kind of
> methanol/acetone/ethanol/aldehyde based solution.
> Either way, I would also appreciate insights about its efficiency for  
> Lipid
> based dyes such as Sudan red class of dyes or DiI/DiO if anyone has tried
> using it in combination with this fixative.

If the composition is undisclosed, do not use it. Science requires  
reproducibility, and what happens if the manufacturer goes out of busyness  
or replaces "Histochoice" with "Histochoice Plus"?

The following reference contains everything about microscopy-reagents you  
will ever want to know:

         AUTHOR= {B. Romeis},
         TITLE= {Mikroskopische {T}echnik},
         YEAR= {1989},
         PUBLISHER= {Urban und Schwarzenberg},
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