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Don't get me wrong, chloroform is nasty stuff, but I wouldn't worry about a one time exposure to vapor.  If there is a pregnant lady in the lab, make sure it is sufficiently aired out before letting her back in.  Just open the lab door and get some ventilation going. 

Remember that most lab plastics, save for PTFE, are not compatible with organic solvents such as chloroform, toluene, THF, etc.

Hope this helps 
Josh Silverstein 

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I accidently stored some ml of chloroform in a 50 ml falcon tube outside of the fume hood for some time (we of course nrmally keep these tubes within the hood). I was shocked when i looked at the tube this morning and saw it was empty, ie the solvent had diffused out.

I have learnt never to make this mistake again, but could this have long term conequences for me and my collegues, or is the risk low, so i can count this as a learning experience?

Thanks for your advice!

All The Best,

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