Identifying an E. coli cell line

Pepa Florez Pérez via (by snipeurope from
Mon Mar 22 11:48:29 EST 2010

Dear all,


Some time ago I used an E. coli cell line (supposed to be some kind of Origami strain) to express a protein. 

After having trying different cells, this one was the only where I could clearly see the band corresponding to my protein.

Unfortunately I didn't write down the strain used and it seems that the expression disappears if glycerolates are reused.


Some months later I have tried again to express the protein using different Origami available at my workplace. But I could never reproduce my previous result.


Therefore it would be really useful if I could identify the cells used the first time. Can I do some kind of DNA/RNA protein or other analysis to get this information?


I am becoming desperate since I don't know what else can be done.


Thank you very much,


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