Is there a "better" single-stranded homo-DNA?

Paul J. Phelan via (by Paul.Phelan from
Sat Mar 27 16:10:13 EST 2010

I have used a 25-mer poly-dT oligo for a protein - single-stranded DNA 
titration that I studied by NMR.  Now I am curious to find out if a 
poly-purine such as poly-dA or poly-dG will differ from the poly-dT 
poly-pyrimidine that I used first.
But that's not my question: I notice that poly-dT appears to be a 
common choice for a single-stranded DNA oligo, and I wonder why?  Maybe 
there's no reason, and personally I don't know why poly-dT should be 
"better" than any other homo-oligo for single stranded DNA.  So I'm 
curious to know if anyone else knows if poly-dT, or any other 
poly-d(nucleotide) is any better than the others, as a single stranded 
DNA oligo?

Paul Phelan
Tufts University Department of Biochemistry

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