Western Blotting

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Thu May 6 10:13:18 EST 2010

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yvonne.couch from pharm.ox.ac.uk says...
> Hi all,   
>  Quick Western blotting question.in the past my Westerns have all been 'semi
>  quantitative' where I use an image programme like ImageJ to calculate
> the intensity of the different bands.  Apparently it's possible to 
> standard curves for Western blots, does anyone have any experience of
> this and can give me some general pointers?

You will probably want to read the following

  author       = {A. Pitre and Y. Pan and S. Pruett and O. Skalli},
  title        = {On the use of ratio standard curves to accurately 
quantitate relative changes in protein levels by western blot},
  journal      = {Anal. Biochem.},
  volume       = {361},
  year         = {2007},
  pages        = {305-307},
  doi          = {10.1016/j.ab.2006.11.008},
  language     = {engl},

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