Crystal Violet staining of DNA in gels

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Hi Michael,

I'd simply use freeze&squeeze, followed by ethanol precipitation. If
you need to waste money and use kits, then get the Supelco GenElute
Gel extraction columns and recover the DNA with the PCR cleanup kit of
your choice.


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> Dear Keith,
> I came across your post about using Crystal Violet to visualize DNA. I too have been trying to use this technique. I came across a kit manufactured by Invitrogen called  S.N.A.P. It seems to work O.K., however the recovery of DNA from the provided spin column is rather poor. I have tried adapting the staining with Crystal Violet and using Qiagen's  Qiaquick Gel Extraction Kit. I seem to get poor recovery of DNA with these spin columns too. Does Crystal Violet interfere with DNA binding to a spin column? What protocol do you use to extract DNA from the gel slice after staining with Crystal Violet? Thanks for your help.
> Best Regards,
> Michael Yezzi

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