does anybody have a recipe for flow cytometry sheath fluid?

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As I run a flow core, I also use just plain old 0.9% saline as well, but... I know of other flow cytometry centers that use DI as sheath.   I B.S. you not... For the short duration of laminar flow, the central stream of sample fluid (whatever your cells are in) is centered within the DI sheath.    No one really cares what happens to the cells once past the interrogation point, let alone the waste line.   DI also tends to keep the machines cleaner and a lot less crystallization around the SIP tube. 

Pointed question:  Have I made the switch?   Not yet.   I have about 60L of 10X sheath to use up, but a colleague across the way uses DI, and I'm going to switch after that 60L is gone. 

David Haviland, PhD
UTHSC- Houston Stem Cell Flow Center.

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>Hi All,
>> the liquid stream (sheath fluid), which carries and aligns the cells
>> so that they pass single file through the light beam for sensing in
>> flow cytometers does anybody knowhow to make a DIY sheath fluid? I
>> thought maybe using 0.9% saline solution would work...amy thoughts?
>> regards

Pretty much. A simple PBS is what most everyone uses. E.g., here
is 1X composition:

Make it 10X and filter through 0.2 micron and it won't go bad even
when non-sterile and without preservatives.

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