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Hi David,

several reasons:

- no equipment (illuminator, fluorescence scanner, camera set-up)
- price of dye, price of equipment
- used to "old methods" (coomassie, silver) which usually are
- no need to quantify proteins in gel
- for real quantification, you'd always need a standard curve (dye
binding properties of each protein, co-absorbance, fluorescence
- existing alternatives for specific quantification like western
blotting and eg antibody coated chips

- are you the product manager :)

suggest to cross-post in the ImageJ (
ImageJ) mailing list: IMAGEJ from LIST.NIH.GOV


On Oct 12, 11:27 pm, David-Paul Minde <davidmi... from> wrote:
> > Dear all,
> has anyone of you experience with Sypro Orange for protein gel staining and
> (stoichiometric) quantifications ?
> I read of it in a recent BRCA2 nature article but wonder why this technique
> is not much more commonly applied for all kinds of in gel protein
> quantifications. Excellent combination of huge linear range, lowest
> protein-protein variability, silverlike sensitivity and utmost simplicity,
> fairly reasonable price seems to be pretty much unique among protein gel
> stains or did I overlook any important practical drawbacks ?
> Many thanks for your comments in advance !
> best,
> David

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