non-specific bands in NTC

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Hi Magda,
It is possible that you are seeing amplification of the trace expression
plasmid from production of the polymerase enzyme. To rule it out I guess
you'd have to sequence a large band and blastn the result?

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Just to clarify my previous email: NTC is "no template control" in the PCR
run. It contains no template, so it is a type of a negative control. The
difference between NTC tube and other negative tubes is that NTC has no
template nucleic acids at all, while other negative samples have template
nucleic acids in them, they are just negative for a specific sequence that I
am looking for - I am looking for viral sequences in animal tissues. As I
specified in my original email, the NTC tubes contain exactely the same
master mix as all the other tubes - this is why I am so puzzled by what I
see on the gel...Sorry again for not defining the abbreviation - Magda

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