E.coli metB1 mutation

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On Sep 24, 3:17 am, Duncan Clark <blackh... from abuse.plus.com> wrote:
> Historians believe that in newspost
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> masterpiece:
> >In article <mFmUIvIeaxmMF... from abuse.plus.com>, Duncan Clark <n... from genesysltd.co.uk> wrote:
> >>Hi Folks,
> >>I don't suppose anyone knows what the exact mutation is for E.coli
> >>metB1?
> >>Struggling to find a definitive answer :-(
> >Seems like it's not known. Ecoliwiki says "most likely a deletion mutation".
> >Could you perhaps see if Metb1 ORF can be PCRed out from MetB1- strains?
> >And if it can be, you can sequence :-)
> I think sequencing is going to be the only way.

Find somebody doing one of those big metagenomics projects and sneak
in a run on one of his 454 sequencers. You'll have the whole genome
sequenced in no time.


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