vacoular or plasma membrane protein?

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Sun Apr 3 18:01:36 EST 2011

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emad.albarouki from says...
> Hello everybody,
> I have a question concerning a plasma membrane protein, which have been
> expected using different proteomic software to be localized on the plasma
> membrane.
> After tagging with gfp it looks to be localized in more than 80%  on vesicle
> structures which we assumed to be vacuoles. 
> Is it possible to be a bifunctional protein such as transporter on plasma
> membrane and vacuole? or that could be an artifact of gfp fusion process?
> Is there any programs or software can discriminate between both
> compartment's proteins? 

Software can make predictions, but those have to be checked by 
experiment. Homogenisation of the cells and fractionisation on a sucrose 
gradient in an ultracentrifuge would be a classical way of doing it, or 
immunofluorescence microscopy. 

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