ELISA calls for help

WS via methods%40net.bio.net (by novalidaddress from nurfuerspam.de)
Wed Apr 13 01:35:36 EST 2011

Dear Chuxin,

actually, there is no need to use chemiluminesce. Probably much too
sensitive in this case, and very tricky to record, as the signal is
not linear with time, when you pipet the substrate manually. Do you
have the possibility to use TMB? Do you also get high background then?
What are the values you expect for positive signals - do you include a
positive control? If in doubt, just coat a serial dilution of mouse
IgG (or serum).

Can you be a bit more specific and describe your experiment, please? I
suppose that you immunized a mouse an want to check if it was
successful. before starting monoclonal production.

Is your antibody against a protein or some sort of small molecule?
Please also post some details about buffers, blocking procedure,
washing steps etc.


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