Copper-Glycine buffer(Ph-7.4)

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Tue Apr 26 07:58:21 EST 2011

Dear Sudheer,

You probably get some sort of chemically not so well defined copper
hydroxide (blueish-wihte, a little green) which precipitates and
subsequently undergoes some more chemical changes toward CuO (you
might end up with a black slurry). I doubt that this buffer system can
go to 7.4. Glycine has pKa values of  2.34 and 9.60, CuCl2 should not
buffer much at all. You could try set a 4M Glycine solution to pH 7.4
with solid NaOH (should be quite tricky) and then add CuCl2, then fill
up get desored final concentrations Do you have a reference for that
buffer - what do you want to do?


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