Transfection of Hi5 cells with Fugene

Pepa Florez Pérez via (by snipeurope from
Tue Apr 26 08:38:33 EST 2011

after 6 years I am working again with insect Hi5 adherent cells.
I have transfected them for the first time with Fugene (I remember having done it befor with JetPei, but Fugene was the only thing I have at hand).
5 days post-infection I have checked different clones for protein expression by coomassie staining, but unfortunately I cannot see anything clear. I will try to analyze the expression by WB...
Has any one tried before to transfect these cells with Fugene? I am afraid one of my problems is poor transfection since the cytopatic effect 5-days post-tranfection wasn't very high (although transfected cells looked different to non-transfected ones).
Thank you very much!

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