some questions about quinpirole's stability

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Dear =C1=D6=BE=F5,

The way you formulated your question is excellent - no problem!

I just had a look at the structure in Wikipedia. I think, in a buffer
around neutral pH or a solvent like methanol it should be stable for
some time. I would not expose it to sunlight. If there is no
information available, I would try to dissolve it in Methanol at eg
10mg/ml and store it at -20.

For a quite dilute solution at 25ug/ml, as you write, I'd expect that
it would decay after some time, simply because there is not much of
the substance in the solution, so it is more likely that small
quantities of oxygen etc, destroy quite a lot of it within a short
time. Can you obtain any information on stability from the vendor or
from papers where the drug was used?

If you still have some fresh material available, you might (visually)
record and compare UV/Vis spectra of a fresh and an "old" solution of
equal concentrations.



On Jul 28, 8:28 am, "=C1=D6=BE=F5" <lengol1... from> wrote:
> Hello,
>    I used quinpirole (sigma) as the agonist foe the D2 dopamine recepter.=
 My question is that could  the solution of quinpirole (0.025mg/ml) be stab=
le for one week and at what temperature.
>    Sorry, my English is not good. do i express my question well?  Thank y=
ou for your antention.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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