Cheap strong dye with COOH group?

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Sat Aug 6 18:24:33 EST 2011

Hi DK, 

you mean this:
"ordinary" Fluorescin? 

Yes, it was my first thought, as you may get it quite cheaply in 
technical quality, even through eBay. I dismissed it quite fast, as I had 
mad "bad" experience with FITC as label in fluorescence microscopy - too 
fast bleaching, when irradiating with blue light from a mercury lamp or 
even 488nm laser. As for now, the main purpose would be tracing an 
organic compund / labelled protein during processing, am I overconcerned 


> Carboxyfluorescein? Not sure about price. Shouldn't be expensive. Some
> triazine textile and inkjet dyes do come with as carboxy groups. There
> are zillions of them on the market. Not sure how to get structures for
> most of them however.
> DK

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