Amplify Software Program and Mac OS X Lion

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Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes.

I use Bill Engels "Amplify" program (works only on a Mac OS X, up to 10.6.8).  It is imho a great little program for checking out primers for use in PCR.

However, it is written for a PowerPC Mac, and will not work with the new Mac Lion OS.

Anybody know if it will be written to work with Lion, or know of an alternative?

Amplify is not a program designed to 'produce' primer sequences for you, but in silico mimics a PCR reaction.  It checks if there are alternative binding sites for your primers within a target region, not just perfect matches, but regions with mismatches, etc.

I never order an oligonucleotide for PCR until I'm happy that it produces a single priming site with Amplify.


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