qPCR NEWS - August 2011 - focus on digital-PCR

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qPCR NEWS - August 2011 - focus on digital-PCR

Dear researcher,
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Our newsletter informs about the latest news in quantitative real-time
PCR (qPCR and qRT-PCR), which are compiled and summarised on the Gene
Quantification homepage. The focus of this newsletter issue is:

- Update on digital PCR  -  http://digital-PCR.gene-quantification.info
- Update of a lot new webinars & multi media presenmtaions -
- Update of a lot new qPCR talks  -  http://TALKS.gene-quantification.info
- MIQE qPCR APP for iPhone, iPad and iPod - new version 1.1 available
since 3rd August 2011 -  http://MIQE.gene-quantification.info
- US qPCR Symposium in Santa Clara, CA - 1st-4th November 2011  -
- Recorded qPCR 2011 Event => qPCR 2011 eConference  -


Digital PCR (dPCR) is a refinement of conventional PCR methods that
can be used to directly quantify and clonally amplify nucleic acids
(including DNA, cDNA, methylated DNA, or RNA). The key difference
between dPCR and traditional PCR lies in the method of measuring
nucleic acids amounts, with the former being a more precise method
than PCR. PCR carries out one reaction per single sample. dPCR also
carries out a single reaction within a sample, however the sample is
separated into a large number of partitions and the reaction is
carried out in each partition individually. This separation allows a
more reliable collection and sensitive measurement of nucleic acid
amounts. The method has been demonstrated as useful for studying
variations in gene sequences - such as copy number variants, point
mutations, and it is routinely used for clonal amplification of
samples for "next-generation sequencing."

... ... more about digital here  =>  http://digital-PCR.gene-quantification.info

Megapixel digital PCR.
Heyries KA, Tropini C, Vaninsberghe M, Doolin C, Petriv OI, Singhal A,
Leung K, Hughesman CB, Hansen CL.
Nat Methods. 2011 8(8): 649-651

Evaluation of Digital PCR for Absolute DNA Quantification.
Sanders R, Huggett JF, Bushell CA, Cowen S, Scott DJ, Foy CA.
Anal Chem. 2011 Aug 1.

Probing individual environmental bacteria for viruses by using
microfluidic digital PCR.
Tadmor AD, Ottesen EA, Leadbetter JR, Phillips R.
Science. 2011 333(6038): 58-62

Multiplex digital PCR: breaking the one target per color barrier of
quantitative PCR.
Zhong Q, Bhattacharya S, Kotsopoulos S, Olson J, Taly V, Griffiths AD,
Link DR, Larson JW.
Lab Chip. 2011 11(13): 2167-2174

Digital analysis of the expression levels of multiple colorectal
cancer-related genes by multiplexed digital-PCR coupled with hydrogel
Qi Z, Ma Y, Deng L, Wu H, Zhou G, Kajiyama T, Kambara H.
Analyst. 2011 136(11): 2252-2259

Genomic evidence of pre-invasive clonal expansion, dispersal and
progression in bronchial dysplasia.
McCaughan F, Pipinikas CP, Janes SM, George PJ, Rabbitts PH, Dear PH.
J Pathol. 2011 224(2): 153-159

Quantitative and sensitive detection of rare mutations using droplet-
based microfluidics.
Pekin D, Skhiri Y, Baret JC, Le Corre D, Mazutis L, Salem CB, Millot
F, El Harrak A, Hutchison JB, Larson JW, Link DR, Laurent-Puig P,
Griffiths AD, Taly V.
Lab Chip. 2011 11(13): 2156-2166

Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of hemophilia by microfluidics digital
PCR analysis of maternal plasma DNA.
Tsui NB, Kadir RA, Chan KC, Chi C, Mellars G, Tuddenham EG, Leung TY,
Lau TK, Chiu RW, Lo YM.
Blood. 2011 117(13): 3684-3691

Statistical considerations for digital approaches to non-invasive
fetal genotyping.
Chu T, Bunce K, Hogge WA, Peters DG.
Bioinformatics. 2010 26(22): 2863-2866

Prenatal diagnosis of fetal aneuploidies: post-genomic developments.
Hahn S, Jackson LG, Zimmermann BG.
Genome Med. 2010 2(8):50

... ... more about digital here  =>  http://digital-PCR.gene-quantification.info


We present new webinars, multi-media presentations, podcasts, and
animations around:

- qPCR
- RNAi and microRNA
- qPCR workflow
- Next Generation Sequencing
- RNA quality control
- Online tutorials about the MIQE guidelines
- Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
... ... and further molecular biology related topics on

We present new qPCR related talk and poster PDFs:

- from international conferences qPCR 2004 - qPCR 2011
- Fundamentals of Real-Time PCR
- Online tutorials about qPCR gene expression data analysis
- 2010 and 2011 eConferences via video stream
- a bundle of "old" presentations from 2004 - 2007
... ... and much more on http://talks.gene-quantification.info


Did you miss the qPCR 2011 Symposium in Freising?

BioEPS is now presenting the qPCR 2011 eConference online via video
With our new eConference streaming server a world-wide know-how
transfer becomes possible in a fast and simple way!
qPCR 2011 Event now available NOW as eConfernce =>  http://eConference.qPCR2011.net

At the event around 500 attendee from 47 contries participated from
28th March - 1th April 2011. During the scientific symposium the
presented talks were recorded in excellent sound quality and high
movie resolution.

The qPCR 2011 eConference package contains 65 talks, grouped in
following topics:
Single-Cell qPCR,  Next Generation Sequencing,  High throughput qPCR,
MIQE guidelines,  RNAi-miRNA,  qPCR Data analysis,  Circulating
Nucleic Acids,  Pre-analytical Steps, New qPCR Applications in
Molecular Diagnostics, and more ... ...
qPCR 2011 Event now available NOW as eConfernce =>  http://eConference.qPCR2011.net

You can watch an in-depth demo presentation of our seminars and talks
right here
=>  http://eseminars.bioEPS.com/player/?action=demo


MIQE_qPCR APP for iPhone, iPad and iPod  -  iOS Universal
new version 1.1 available since 3rd August 2011

Get help from a special team of experts in qPCR while on the move.
MIQE - qPCR helps you in reviewing scientific works and checking your
own experiments, when qPCR is involved. Check your project's
compliance to MIQE in minutes, have all required references to hand,
and follow qPCR events and news.
Over 1,500 downloads in three months!

What's New in MIQE_qPCR Version 1.1

- Now MIQE qPCR app is even more interactive
- Checklists are specific for each project type- RNA or DNA
- Moreover, some items may not apply to your specific experiments. You
can now remove them and have the most accurate MIQE compliancy
- References have been updated, so you can keep in touch with latest
MIQE related literature, symposium updates and more
- Export is available. You can archive the state of your project
whenever you want, share it with your colleagues, and store it
- Suggestions collected from experts at the qPCR 2011 symposium in
Freising were included


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