searching for a website for safer molecular biology reagents?

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Fri Aug 19 11:59:15 EST 2011

Hi Mary,
This sort of thing regularly pops up on the mailing list. For
example, some results for "safe alternative" in the archives:!searchin/diybio/%22safe$20alternative

I've experimented with Crystal Violet staining methods but not yet "in-gel",
and I've had variable results. Sometimes it works quite well, other times
not at all.

I've used safe-view from with a blue/orange excitation/filter
set (specifically, the kit) and it works quite well,
although I imagine sensitivity would be a lot better with UV.

Really the best one is probably sybr-safe if you want an off-the-shelf
solution: I used to shun Sybr-safe because I thought it could only be
purchased from the manufacturer at huge markup and with a bad attitude to
home labs, but I've since seen it sold for reasonable prices through
educational suppliers. Given that my electrophoresis rig is designed with
this stain in mind, I might go for it soon.

Other chemical substitutions are frequently discussed for safety, cost or
availability on DIYbio. Most of the suggestions are backed by literature or
personal experience, rather than conjecture. If it's a subject that
interests you, you might consider joining that list? :)

On 19 August 2011 12:29, Mary <giemsacyto from> wrote:

> I want to locate a website where I can search for safer alternatives
> to chemicals usd in molecular biology eg ethidium bromide etc, does
> one exist?
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