Hi...is there any best and easy way to concentrate the protein without modifying its original structure

sudheer sangeetham via methods%40net.bio.net (by sudheer.pbm07 from gmail.com)
Tue Dec 6 11:57:51 EST 2011

Hi Guys
My recombinant protein is going to inclusion bodies so I am denaturing it
Gn-HCl and renaturing with GSH and GSSG then finally purified the protein.
After purification I am getting lower concentration of the protein of
course it is in larger volume of the buffer. Now I wanted to concentrate
the protein....Could anyone please tell me, the best and easy way to
concentrate the protein with out modifying its original structure.

Thank you in advance.

Sudheer Babu.S
Ph.D student
Institute of Biochemistry
Biological Research Center

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