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> Hello All,
> We have Biorad mini protean unit for vertical electrophoresis. The short
Dear Yoginee,

just go ahead and get them from your favourite glass shop, they will
work perfectly. If possible, have the edges beveled, that will reduce
the risk of getting cuts and also makes sealing easier.

Have fun!


> glasses provided with the kit are very fragile and we are already out with 3
> out of 5 short glasses that came with the unit. As we all know these are
> quite expensive and not that easily dispensable...
> I was thinking of getting same dimension glasses molded from a glassmith
> near by. But I had to clear only one doubt. Is this glass made of or coated
> with any special material to make it inert towards SDS PAGE ingredients? OR
> does any one know any thing at all that is special about this glass which
> the glassmith might not come to know just by examining the one we have?
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