Oil Red O staining problem

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Hi Chris,

Oil Red is a lipophilic dye. When you add something oily to your
stained sample, you may wash it out. There is no need for mounting
media, the dye is quite robust against bleaching during illumination



On Jan 17, 6:58 pm, Chris McDermott-Roe
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> Hey everyone,
> I'm staining some liver sections with Oil Red O according to a simple
> protocol I found at IHC world (http://www.ihcworld.com/_protocols/special_stains/oil_red_o_ellis.htm) and
> noticed that once I apply the mounting media (Histomount HS103 -http://www.nationaldiagnostics.com/product_info.php/cPath/25_28_35/pr...),
> my stain diffuses out of the tissue.  The tissue is definitely stained prior
> to mounting as it has the characteristic red globule-like lipid dropswhen
> viewed at x20/x40.  Is this due to the fact that Histomount is non-aqueous?
> any help much appreciated
> Chris

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