Any tools for designing overlapping DNA sequences?

Cathal Garvey via (by cathalgarvey from
Tue Jan 18 05:14:03 EST 2011

Hello all,
I am preparing a few operons and genes for synthesis, to be contained on a
vector for routine functional uses. The less I have to pay for synthesis the
better, and the smaller the ultimate size of the vector, the better.

Viruses routinely use alternative frames and overlapping sequences to cram
as much coding material into as little DNA as possible. Bacteria do this for
some genes, also. Essentially they use the degenerate code to "hide" extra
code within their genome, similar to existing and popular stenographical
methods that use the largely degenerate bits in a bitmap colour map.

Has anyone created a web tool or program that can take two or more peptide
or DNA sequences and interlace them in this manner, to create an overlapping
gene that requires less space? Or are there any coding+DNA gurus out there
that would have the smarts to create such a thing?



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