Overloading a PAGE gel and purify DNA oligo from PAGE

silin zhong via methods%40net.bio.net (by sz2840 from gmail.com)
Tue Jan 18 15:48:53 EST 2011


I want to separate and purify an 40 nt DNA oligo from a non-denatured  
PAGE gel. When I did a test run using only 2 ug of the DNA oligo, it  
runs like a smear rather than a sharp band. I wonder whether I have  
over-loaded the gel. If so, I can always use a 1.5 mm gel.

I wonder how the DNA synthesis company use PAGE to purify oligos and  
how much one can load into a mini gel. Because if I overload a mini  
gel by using just 2 ug of DNA, how can those companies purify "tons"  
of oligos with preparative PAGE gel?


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